Monday, May 11, 2015

Covet Fashion | device storage full | solution

Here's a game I've been playing recently. Covet Fashion - The Game. If you play this game you will notice the lag and device getting slow issue. This app can't be moved to SD card.

My phone is an android kitkat. With only 2GB apps storage. After playing for a month my phone start to run out of space. I even deleted most games and apps on my device(damn).

I'm not sure if Covet's official page have posted the solution? But I really couldn't find it on their page.

I start to think of quitting the game as everytime I enter, open a wardrobe it says "pls clear cache". I clicked clear cache and I'm out of the game. It's really annoying.

So here I'm sharing the reply from "covet help support". I emailed them about it. And they did reply! Even though it takes some time.

The game data is the one that take up many space. In my device, I find 1.6GB data from this game itself. Causing playstore to stop updating other apps as there are no more space available.

1. Go to your covet, link your game to FACEBOOK, and EMAIL.

2. Quit the game.

3. Go to your device APPS section find "ALL APPS" , find "COVET FASHION" , click it, click FORCE STOP, then click CLEAR DATA.

(It may be scary but your game is secured with email and facebook. You will not lose your garments)

I fixed it. This is for android user only. I'm not sure if it works the same for ios. Im too lazy to contact crowd star for ios solution. So.. good luck :)

Ps:// hate summer 2015 :p

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Prey Model Raw for Crystals

turns out that snowie have both Struvite and Calcium Oxalate crystals. It was an early stage. we've only found numerous of it. Struvite was found in the second test under scope.

This is the first report. the vet sent wrong information on AGE! Numerous Calcium oxalate crystals was found in this report. So i was so worry!~

the doctor suggest i put my dog on Royal Canin SO diet for 3 months until crystal clear i can put her back to her normal diet. SO is so expensive! Her alternative is Hills. I checked the ingredients on the internet. OMG! even if it did clear the crystals, my dog might end up obese! So i look for more alternative.

I checked out raw diet. For me its not cheap either. So i made a phone call to the vet and ask again. just one question. "does S/O permanently clear up the crystal? or will it be back?". Her answer is "yes it might be back" So i made my decision to put her on raw diet.

If you've notice my older post, you'll see i've fed a rescued dog (Clover) a raw diet before.

But again, Snowie is my favourite and is a precious to me. i did deeper research.

Recently i bring her for a urine test again. after 3 or 4 months raw. supplement with cranberry juice. A rescuer friend taught me to feed her that. but snowie's urine is abit more to acidic. i doubt about how cranberry juice will help my dog. i feed it anyway!~  2ml a day.

check out the latest result. i was shocked! i said so loud to the vet " No casts or crystals seen"??????????? He looked at me with eyes wide open, and said "yes, basically the result is very well, for a 11 years old, this is very healthy". The only thing he wants me to find out is why is the urine so loose. with USG 1.025 only!

I was thinking maybe its because i added water in her meal. that's why its so diluted. i hope it's not a kidney problem.

So i've settled Crystals! i am still supplementing her with cranberry juice. but less. 1ml per day.

the happy owner!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Never Dance Alone | Hong Kong Tv Show

still can't believe im writing about a tvb show.

This is a friendship show. Normally when i know that it's about friendship i won't watch it. i don't like the friendship bullshit. specially from tvb. they are so fake.

Picture credit:

What attract me here is the cast! They are once upon a time famous celebrities! Finally we're seeing something that is "Old-fresh" (what?). TVB actress nowadays are kind of boring. but these young girls are very good! the young M-Club really look like the grown up cast.

Second its the songs. i'll post few links here.

This is one of my favourite! it always make me cry. very old huh? hahha

Saddest part is when Siu Tze's husband died. Not because he died, reason is because she watch him die. She couldn't even tear because the husband died because of her. Until a day she started dancing with her bunch of old friends.. laughing and dancing.. and then break down crying. Really sad scene to see her finally crying.

I think it's worth watching.  ;)


Remember her now? ;)

Flora Chan, main character of Triump in the skies. remember her? she didn't change much.

Angie Chiong(right) played a character who only stay at home and wont make up or dress up. salute her!

So many more character i can't upload everyone.. So just three of them for now ;)


Thursday, May 29, 2014

29th May 2014 | two month anniversary on RAW

Snowie started raw on 29th March. So she's been on two months. Her switch was a little difficult. and her detox was really long. the tears, the shedding, the smell!!!! argh! i'm happy to see that tho..

We've started our third protein. Duck. She seems fine with it. i can't wait to do offals.

The obvious change is smoother fur. more energetic, and a surprise i found yesterday when i check her teeth. such clean and nice bright teeth. If only i have a "before" picture! you'd understand how a happy mother i am!

 She used to have really bad teeth. Brownish, black stain on gum with tartar. Her vet did warn me to watch for her teeth as it will affect her heart as well(she have heart murmur). i was so worry i put her to scalling last year. and i brushes her teeth with orozyme. that was when she was still on kibble. The tartar quickly build up after the scaling. it only lasted a month of clean teeth.

Slowly she starts having aweful breath. I've never smell something that bad in her past 11 years. when she pant. The whole room was filled with her bad breath.

2 weeks after i switched her to raw there's no more bad breath. (i even brought her to the vet regarding her breath, the vet find it normal for an old dog.)

This is a photo taken a day before.

I know many people still do not like idea of raw feeding theirs or "ours" (u know those people) dogs. i also know the fact that the theory is not backed by a scientist or researcher. but how much do u know about kibbles too? the pedigree commercial says "scientifically proven pet food". and all i see in their ingredients are corn, fillers..

your dog's diet is your own choice. i do have friends coming to ask me how to switch to raw diet. i gave them my advice but at the same time i asked them to read more online. Some people are really lazy to read. they just want to try. but don't you wanna know how to do it the right way? and how to feed it balanced? i always offer to send them the starter guide so they can read it briefly. but they want me to spoon feed them. Seriously??? i don't mind giving an advice or two AFTER you've read something. if you're that lazy to read up. i suggest u go back to what u've been feeding.

Lots of people wouldn't do their own research and end up blaming the person who taught them. and blaming RAW killed their dogs! which in fact, they are the one who killed their dogs. so READ!!!RESEARCH!

Lastly, i'm not a "Raw advocate". just another owner who wants to give the best to her own baby. If there's something even better than raw. i don't mind trying. but if raw helps to keep my old gal healthier. i'll stick to it. i guess all owners out there are the same. and i hope they are the same.

Happy Owner Yi <3

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Snowie's Diet Change | Prey Model Raw | 29 March 2014

Snowie's first switch to raw meal finally. Didn't expect that early but we discover Calcium Oxalate Crystals in her urine. After going through internet and the most advice is switch your dog to raw. So i did. I'm gonna try.

However, Snowie have a really sensitive stomach and get diarrhea easily. I did a mistake on her raw menu.

She's been on kibble for 10 years. My previous raw feeding experience was with Clover, and she's a robust. i should have been more careful.

That day when she have gurgling noise in her stomach. She won't eat when she have upset tummy.

Her stomach was upset starting the 3rd day. I'm always ready to wake up in the midnight for her to go poo poo. a loose poo or a soft one. Then i fix her diet with more bone content and with help of pumpkin. She finally had a solid poo on end of 2nd week.

Then i stopped giving pumpkin. thought all was well and i started giving more meat and less bone. I admit here this is my mistake. I've been giving chicken keel with so less bone. sometimes she gets to eat chicken feet as a snack. So there goes my nightmare again. Loose poop.

She was suppose to start taking beef, her second protein on the 4th week but we couldn't make it. her poo was never solid off pumpkin. I am going too fast on her.

So i buy a bottle of digestive enzyme. i should've bought it on the first day of raw. After that day with digestive enzyme she wake me every few hour in the midnight to go for poop. Mucus poo! she even puke twice in the morning. Today is the third day with digestive enzyme and her poop is starting to shape, although still soft.

The change so far that is obvious is the bad breath. She got no more stinky bad breath. i can put my nose really close to her mouth even when she's breathing hard.

She started detoxing on the 3rd week. Scratching, fur shed, tears, smelly poo. i should be happy for that. All the toxic from 10 years of kibble is starting to shed!

Hopefully  her tummy will adjust quickly with the digestive enzyme. i really want her to be on raw. It's the most natural food for dog that i believe in. She's old and i hope she can live longer.

As for her eating style. it's really cute. for the first day, she was unsure whether she can really eat it. So she's slow and i let her be.

Then it's Chicken feet, i normally hold chicken feet with my hand to feed her since it's so small and im afraid she will choke on it. After she get used to eating bone, i place it in her bowl to let her handle the feet herself. and then she'd look at me. Sometimes i'd pamper her and "ok i'll feed you". sometimes not. I say Eat it.. and she will.. although she hope i can really feed her.

I teaches her how to wait before food. i don't do that on kibble. I bought her the blue towel. So everytime when the food drop outside of towel i'd say "take it back". She will.. the towel now become her "Eating zone". i love how obedient she become.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Pink is the new Black!

Changed a theme for my blog. rather pinkish, not really my style :\ well i guess i'm gonna keep it like this until the next few months. tired fixing my blog.